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Naša mreža is the first business platform for connecting companies in Serbia, available as web desktop and mobile version and as mobile application. Platform is designed to give relevant support primarily to small and medium sized business in order to help their business to grow. In this sense, platform will offer useful business information, the ability to connect and expand business, and business benefits for Vip customers.



This part of the platform consists of educational articles, videos and infographics and specific business tools for daily work, aiming to inform and advise users on how to develop their business. This component will significantly increase the visibility of the Vip platform. This module is available to all companies in Serbia, regardless of whether they are or not vip users.


This is the central part of the platform. Its role is to connect members based on their interest and field of work so they can further collaborate. Each company has its own profile based on general company info. Registered companies have possibility to create purchasing that should be visible for all customers on the platform. Other companies should apply for open purchases, with prior connecting with the company. This module is available to all companies in Serbia, regardless of whether they are or not vip users. Vip will contact existing customers in order to suggest them to create their own profiles on the platform and use it for their purchases.


This section consists of special offers and benefits that are sponsored by Vip partners. This component is intended for acquisition of new Vip business users and give on top benefits for existing Vip business customers. That means that module is available to all companies in Serbia, but benefit is available only for Vip users. Vip benefits: Significantly improve Vip preference in business segment becoming truly relevant partner supporting small/medium business development; outcome increase Vip awareness and indirectly market share.

Reasons to believe

  • The first business platform that connect companies in Serbia and give them new opportunities to raise their business through platform

  • With this platform companies should have: possibility to create new business contacts, access to large business systems and new markets and expand their business potential, therefore profits

  • Interesting and relevant business content and tools that could be useful for small/medium business and their development

  • Because we offer access to new business partners and knowledge free of charge from their smartphones

  • Grow your business by finding new opportunities and knowledge

What is their main concern?

Future of their business and a constant feeling that most of the time they do not have control over it!

What is their everyday challenge?

How to survive and maintain their business. So every day they are looking to find the way to improve their business and reach new opportunities in order to have stability.

What is their every day job?

Find new Customers which will enable salaries, new investments, overcoming of uncollected debts and overall stability.

What would help them?

Relevant and reliable Partner in all aspects of business. For a change Partner who respects deadlines, and in general is always fair and transparent in business.

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